Midwest Power Systems, Inc.

 Helping Manage the Electrical
 Distribution System


Power System Study Overview

Power System Studies are an essential tool in managing the electrical system.  Systems change, people change, and the electrical system can easily become a nightmare inherited instead of the well planned foundation of a commercial enterprise.
At MPS our services help identify problem areas that could pose a life-safety hazard, as well those that may result in extended power outages. 
vary in size and content, but most include 3 key components:
  • Short Circuit Analysis
  • Protective Device Coordination Study
  • Arc-Flash Hazard Analysis
These 3 components form the Base Study, the most common service provided.  The base study serves as an important tool to help identify areas requiring immediate attention, and to better prioritize the use of maintenance dollars in the years to come.

Services conclude with a detailed engineering report, provided in both hard copy and PDF format.  One line diagrams are included at the end of each report for ease of review.

For facility managers, the report, results, and recommendations are typically reviewed in a site meeting with the electrical staff upon completion. 

For electrical contractors, reports are sent via email upon completion, with arc-flash labels and hard copies (if required) to follow.