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Short Circuit Study

Short circuit studies develop and use a computer model of the electrical system to calculate the available fault current at locations of interest.  Fault levels are compared to short circuit withstand ratings of fuses, beakers, and switchgear to determine if the equipment may be safely applied at each location. 

Calculated levels of fault current are also used when determining protective device settings in the Protective Device Coordination Study, and are a key parameter used in Arc-flash Hazard Analysis.  Short circuit levels may vary from one operating scenario to another, such as open or closed tie operation, and may have a significant impact of selectivity in the system (see Protective Device Coordination Study).

The short circuit report contains:

  • A listing of information used in developing the computer model
  • Computer output showing calculated fault current
  • A evaluation table comparing equipment ratings with calculated fault current
  • Written discussion of the results, problems identified, and recommended solutions